Fra boken Japans historie av Arne Kalland:

[Provinsene] var et sted hvortil man kunne bli forvist, og det var stor forståelse [i aristokratiet] for at en statsmann som Sugawara Michizane (843 - 903)kunne dø i eksil simpelthen av lengsel etter hovedstaden. Etter sin død hjemsøkte han landet og fikk skylden for en rekke ulykker. Til sist så myndighetene seg nødt til å rehabilitere ham. Han ble utnevnt til statsminister post mortem og erklært som guddom under navnet Tenjin. I dag ber studenter over hele Japan til denne svært populære guden for kunnskap for å få hjelp til eksamener

At avdøde blir gjort til guder er helt vanlig i Shinto og flere andre religioner, men statsminister?!
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Excursion to Møre

Here is a short update from me... I am in the middle of a four day study trip to Møre (Northwest Norway).

We left Trondheim early Monday morning by bus, and went first to Brattvåg where we visited Rolls Royce to look at their production facilities for winches and deck machinery. That was quite interesting.

Later, we went to Aker Yards at Søviknes, and that was really exciting! We got a tour into an offshore supply vessel which they were completing. They got the hull from a yard in Romania only two weeks ago, and now they were installing all the equipment. The engine and most of the interior of the ship was still missing.

Last night, Aker Yards treated us to a great dinner in Ålesund, before we went to Ulstein where we are staying at the moment.

This morning we went first to another Rolls Royce department, this one was a plant producing propulsion gear. Then, we visited Ulstein Design and Ulstein verft, where we got into another half finished offshore vessel. This one was nearer completion than the one we saw yesterday, and quite a bit bigger. It was very interesting!

In the afternoon we went to Fosnavåg and visited Olympic shipping, where their CEO gave us a presentation of the company. He started up by buying an old fishing vessel sometime in the early seventies, and today they operate a large fleet of sophisticated offshore vessels. That is quite an achievement! A journalist from Skipsrevyen was there and took some pictures of us.

So far it has been quite hectic, but very cool!

Visitors and Football

My parents came to town today, and we just had dinner in the Tyholt Tower. It was nice seeing them again, I have not seen them since Christmas.

I was at the Rosenborg - Brann game yesterday, but I do not feel inclined to dwell upon that subject...

Meetings and Concerts

Yesterday we had the annual general meeting in Mannhullet. I resigned from my post as cashier of the Motorboat Committee, by my own request. The Committee's finances are a bit sounder now than they were when I took over two years ago, and all in all it has been a quite easy job.

After the general meeting it was time for Tyholt Rock Festival, with three more or less marine tech - related bands and a party at the Ship Lounge. That was great! Particularly the Hasselhoffs, whose guitarist is in my class.
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Dive-In Movie

Yesterday, still in connection with the Kosmorama Festival, they showed Pirates of the Caribbean at Pirbadet, a so called Dive-In. Watching the film while floating around in the pool on an air mattress was quite cool! However, the acoustics of a swimming pool are far from ideal for films, so it was good to be familiar with the film from before.
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City Lights

The Kosmorama Film Festival takes place in Trondheim these days. Yesterday, a couple of friends and I saw Charlie Chaplin's City Lights in Olavshallen, with Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra playing the musical score composed by Chaplin himself. That was amazing! One of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. The orchestra and the music were great and worked really well with the film.
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Happy Easter!

My bags are packed and I am ready to go, Svalbard here I come!

I am not sure whether I will get to update from there, if not: Happy Easter everybody!
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Tales from the Crypt...

Usually whenever waterfall8484 is in town, we pay a visit to the Nidaros Cathedral. This year, we happened to go there at the same time as a group from Fortidsminneforeningen. We hung on to them, and got a very detailed guided tour of the building. That was very interesting, and I learned a lot. We even visited the crypt!

Also, we have very nice weather in Trondheim these days. Spring is upon us! Alas, I have a midterm exam in Machinery on Friday, and that requires a lot of studying...
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Busy days

The last couple of days have been pretty busy...

On Thursday we had our annual Marine Tech ski-race, Skiregattaen. The weather was not as perfect as last year, but at least it did not rain. It was as fun as always. It is not a classical ski-race; the track consists of a jump, a hill, some mogul skiing and a bar where you get a drink per round. Prizes are awarded for longest jump, highest jump, most rounds, best outfit etc. We also had dinner at Studenterhytta, and after-ski at the Ship Lounge.

Yesterday, as part of my Computer Methods course, I visited the Department of Petroleum Engineering, and looked at their VR RAVE. It was quite cool to move around in a three dimensional simulation of an oil-well, wearing 3D - goggles. They also had simulations of landscapes, a leaf and a human torso.

After that I met waterfall8484 at her hotel, it was very nice to see her again. She is in town these days to play in the National Championship for janissary bands.

Then, yesterday night we had the long awaited moustace party, plenty of rakfisk, beer, aquavit, ugly moustaches and matching costumes.

Today I had planned to hear waterfall8484's band in concert, but I did not get there in time. Anyway, I met her afterwards and we listened to another band, talked to other people in her band and we just had dinner with some of them. Actually, someone thought we were siblings! The thought that we look alike has never occurred to me before, and I still cannot quite see it.

She managed to get hold of a ticket for me to the award ceremony and concert tonight. I am looking forward to that, it was very good the past two times.
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